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The main difference lies in the bowl buckle joint. The bowl buckle joint is composed of the upper bowl buckle, the lower bowl buckle, the cross bar joint and the limit pin of the upper bowl buckle. The lower bowl buckle and the limit pin of the upper bowl buckle are welded on the vertical pole. The bowl buckle steel tube scaffold is composed of steel tube vertical pole, cross pole, bowl buckle joint, etc. Its basic structure and erection requirements are similar to those of fastener type steel tube scaffold. Put the upper bowl buckle into the vertical rod. Welding plug on cross bar and diagonal bar. During assembly, insert the cross bar and diagonal bar into the lower bowl buckle, press and rotate the upper bowl buckle, and fix the upper bowl buckle with the limit pin

The first floor of the vertical pole shall be staggered with 1.8m and 3.0m long vertical poles. The vertical distance of the column of the bowl type steel tube scaffold is 1.2m. According to the scaffold load, the vertical distance can be 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m 2.4m. When the step distance is 1.8m 2.4m, the extension joint of the vertical pole shall be staggered. 3.0 m long pole shall be used upward, and 1.8 m and 3.0 m long pole shall be used for leveling up to the top layer. The perpendicularity deviation of the scaffold with height less than 30 m shall be controlled within 1 / 200, and the perpendicularity deviation of the scaffold with height more than 30 m shall be controlled within 1 / 400 ~ 1 / 600, and the total perpendicularity deviation shall not be greater than 100 mm

There are many kinds of scaffolds, one of which you said. Rare are:

The temporary structure frame for loading, stacking and construction operation for the construction.

A scaffold with one end of a horizontal bar resting on a wall. Single row scaffold (single row scaffold) has only one row of upright poles.

Double row scaffold (double row scaffold) is a scaffold composed of internal and external two rows of vertical bars and horizontal bars.

The scaffold used for masonry and structural engineering construction.

The decoration scaffold is used for the construction of decoration works.

Scaffold without other shelter facilities. The closed scaffold is only provided with handrails and toe boards at the working layer.

The shielding area of partially closed scaffold is less than 30%.

Half closed scaffolds cover 30% ~ 70% of scaffolds.

Fully enclosed scaffolds along the full length and full height of the outside of the scaffolds.

The formwork support is used to support the formwork with the scaffold data.

Open scaffolds are scaffolds that are not set in an intersecting circle around the building.


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